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In Brief

This is the King Alfred Temporary Ice Rink concept design, for the waste land on the west side of the King Alfred Leisure Centre in Brighton & Hove City as followed by the Argus.

The visualisation has been created for the community and council to assess if this would be a good location for an ice rink in the city of Brighton & Hove. Google map.

Project Details

The King Alfred ice rink will be constructed with a semi permanent building system and it has been designed to provide a solution to a long overdue and much needed ice facility in the city, at an affordable cost, and within the redundant council owned site at the King Alfred Leisure Centre. The ice pad dimensions will be 24m x 48m. This will be suitable for ice hockey games, figure, speed & Xtreme trick ice skating. Total area of ice is 1,152 m2 which is about 2/3rds of a full size ice rink.

For a comparrison the King Alfred ice rink will be 352 m2 bigger than the temporary ice rink at Edinburgh supplied by Creative Leisure.
In the cafe area there will be seating for 100 which views onto the rink and also includes a rink side seating capacity of 150.

This project proposal would be for a minimum time period of 3 years to determine if the city shows a demand for this type of facility, and thereafter extended for a further time period subject to the redevelopment of the King Alfred site and success of the project during that term.

The primary aim is to add a new dimension to the current complex and make the King Alfred fashionable and popular once more.

Key Mission:

Seek approval of the concept in principle, and to then submit a formal detailed proposal for this community sporting project.

To offer an indoor skating facility within a temporary structure for a minimum term of 3 years or until the King Alfred is redeveloped.

Utilise the unused council owned brown field RNR site situated adjacent to the King Alfred on the west side of the complex.

To regenerate the area and encourage the community and its visitors to use the King Alfred Leisure Centre.

Establish a new revenue stream for the King Alfred and generate investment into the future of the complex.

Reinventing the King Alfred as the heartbeat of sporty Hove where it's seafront is already specifically geared towards sport and leisure stretching from the Lagoon to the King Alfred.

Ensure that Brighton & Hove will have a full size permanent ice rink facility sited alongside  state of the art sports and leisure pools in the future development at the King Alfred via a local community social enterprise strategy.
See future King Alfred concept as seen in the Evening Argus.

Help the local businesses economy with the extra visitors the area would attract.

Extract from Pre Application Advice

The King Alfred site is strategically important for the city and the Supplementary Planning Guidance Note King Alfred/RNR Site Planning Brief (SPH BH10) sets out the council’s objectives for the site, and is a material planning consideration that can be taken into account when determining a planning application for the site.

The objectives outlined in the Planning Brief are that a mixed use development needs to come forward for the site. It is clear from your submission that a temporary ice skating facility is proposed. It is therefore considered that, providing any works remain temporary, there would be no demonstrable conflict with this Planning Brief.

Pre Application Advice for Planning was received last year and is outlined in a report on the Brighton Busines Forum website 4th April 2011.

This project falls within the boundaries of the Local Plan Sports & Recreation and King Alfred / RNR Planning Brief documents and would basically be a temporary expansion of existing facilities rather than a standalone ice project. If anyone wants to view these documents they are freely available on the internet.

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