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Please follow this link to complete the King Alfred ice rink competition based online public survey / questionnaire.

KA Ice Quest public survey comments / 703 surveys completed so far


We would like to thank everyone for your great comments added so far in this very important public survey, please keep them coming.

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Marian from Brighton says:

I think having a permanent ice rink is long overdue, My brothers ,sisters and friends , used to love going to the ice rink when it was in west street, and has to travel all the way up to Streatham  when it closed , there was a smaller rink by the clock tower in Brighton but it was nowhere near as much fun and the temporary one that is put up at The Royal Pavilion is also not so much fun as having a full sized rink . I hope plans for a full sized rink will be put into place for the people of Brighton + Hove and surrounding areas.

Bernadette from Worthing says:

My 11 year old son plays ice hockey for Basingstoke Bison juniors and I have to drive there 3 times per week. He also has private lessons at Guildford Spectrum once per week. I skate at Guildford 2 - 3 times per week. It is ridiculous that there is no ice rink in Sussex. Only children of really dedicated parents get to skate to the level my son does. Please please please build a rink in Brighton!

Mel from Littlehampton says:

I really think having a local ice rink is important in order to encourage youngsters to take up ice sports, looking to the future, so that our country can compete with others in games like the Winter Olympics. We need all the facilities we can get! Also it's important just so that our children can try out all different types of sport.

Elly from Brighton says:

I came across this survey because I was searching for a permanent ice rink. Please give it a go, it has got to be worth a try especially as temporary rinks are a proven success. Also, a discounted rate for B&H residents would be a good idea, to help frequency of visits.

Pete from Hove says:

I am very keen on this project and would love to be more involved in seeing it come to fruition.

Philip from Seaford says;

I am a former Ice Dancing professional and would also be interested in re-taking my coaching certificates and helping out at the rink when time allows. I believe there is a huge catchment area for skaters and it is possible that the rink could become a name on the competitive circuit.

Murray from Brighton says:

Let's please get a proper ice rink in Brighton.

Oli from Brighton says;

It's been said by so many people but the success of the temporary rink already proves how successful a permanent one will be. It will also give more opportunity for a more variety of sports for a multicultural city, without having to travel to Guildford.

Nicholas from Brighton says;

I think an ice rink would be a great idea, there is not one within easy reach (less than 1-2hrs) as far as I am aware and Brighton has an active population of young people interested in sports such as BMX, Skateboarding, Inline Skating, Slicklining, Parkour etc some of which would likely be interested.

Tom from Seaford says;

I play ice hockey in Streatham now Brixton, I travel from Seaford to get there this is to far and now don’t have the time to. King Alfred ice rink would be a good idea 

Rachel from Hove says:

I would LOVE to start ice skating and I feel Brighton and Hove has almost everything. We have the beach we have swimming pools we have great shopping centres and I think an ice rink will complete the city.

Radka from Brighton says;

I can’t live without an ice rink...i am trained ice hockey referee and ex player from czech republic fully willing to run a kids club, help with anything, and pretty much be there all the time...

Lucy  from Hove says;

Ice rink in Brighton is long overdue.

Charlotte from Hove says;

Brighton is the perfect place for an ice rink, we need to expand our leisure and sporting facilities. The temporary rink at Christmas, every year proves to be a hit in the city center. I'd 100% get a membership and know that my friends from outside of Brighton would also come down just to use this facility. The nearest ice skating facility currently is in Guilford and is SO far to travel to. Get this thing going now and make it permanent!

Claire from Partridge Green says;

Would be great to have a permanent ice-skating facility in this area for all ages. I run a youth group and they are always keen to go but all facilities are too far away to go regularly.

Philip from Southwick says;

I think it’s a great idea to bring ice skating back to here as Guildford is too far to travel to. When we had one here when I was younger it was great for me and my friends to meet there for fun and exercise and it’s been missing for too long now. BUILD A NEW ONE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

Kate from Hove says;

The liveliest and most vibrant city in the UK being without an ice rink is a situation that really needs to be rectified.

Balint from Hove says;

A rink and a bowling club would make good complements to a swimming pool - it is a scandal that a town of the size and character of Brighton & Hove does not have a permanent rink.

An ice-rink provides young people an opportunity to socialise and date in a healthy and fun atmosphere in the absence of any pressure to drink and binge - ideally there should be several such venues in Brighton and Hove. 

Carol from Brighton says;

I'm very interested in this as my son is a semi-pro Ice hockey player and I am a keen spectator.

George from Hove says;

Excellent idea, long over due. I am now 70, started skating when I was 8 years old, but due to the lack of a local rink, sold the boots, and haven't skated for year. Would love to start again. I swim at the King Alfred every week day afternoon, how nice to combine it with a skate!

Sandra from Hove says;

Please get this happening quickly!! (We are keen skaters coming over to live in Hove for a year in 2014!) For a great skate school model contact The Icehouse in Melbourne, Australia. Theirs has grown exponentially over the two and a half years they have been open.

William from Eastbourne says;

There is always a lot of talk about building a ice rink in Sussex but that seems to be all it is, instead of just talking build the ice ring. My view is that people get fed up of talk, we have heard all this before. Its gets to the situation where people do not believe it will go ahead. We always hear we will do this we will do that, so why not just tell us is there any chance that this will happen. I would love an ice rink in Sussex, so instead of just talking about it, just show the evidence and build it.

KA Ice Quest says;

Thank you William, I appreciate what you are saying and for the very reason you state we are stepping up to the plate to take responsibility on this issue that has been almost 50 years outstanding.

We are working hard on this project and we have to go through a process. At the same time we also have to create a public awareness and reach out for support of the project from the community. We are near to 700 completed surveys, which is great, however for every survey completed there are probably 99 people who don’t do surveys but would like to see this happen.

Obviously if everyone who would use the ice rink participated in the survey we would have about 70,000 completed, which would make the business case and evidence for this undeniably tight, so everyone, to some degree, has a responsibility to support what we are taking responsibility for.

Amongst a list of other things we have recently carried out a viability study and sensitivity analysis and we have good reason to remain positive.

We believe that this would be viable and will be a serious proposition for raising finance, both from banks and from investors..

There is still lots to do but in the meantime every single completed survey counts and thank you for taking the time to complete yours. I hope this helps for now and please keep the faith.

Matt from Brighton says;

I have been desperate for an ice rink in the area - the closest ice rink I know of (other than the temporary xmas one) is in Gosport which is over an 1 1/2 away! I can remember the tiny ice rink by the clock tower which was painfully small but at least it was a rink! I truly believe this will bring more people to that end of the seafront.

Christina from Portslade says;

I believe it would be a great asset to Brighton and Hove to have an ice rink available.

Amy from Hove says;

I was born in Brighton and lived here most of my life. I used to go ice skating every week when there was one in town. It is a fun and safe activity for young adults. It is something people should be able to try and enjoy, and it is sad that there is no longer one here.

Francesca from Worthing says;

It would be great to have a rink nearer us. At the moment we travel to Guildford and would much prefer to support a rink more locally.

Stewart from Burgess Hill says;

I went Ice skating on a first date for the first time at the temporary rink at the Royal Pavilion.  I am hooked and visit the rink at least thrice a week. It is leaving now and our nearest rink is far away in Guildford. Due to travel costs I am not able to continue this new love I have found. It is an amazing way to keep fit and have never felt so exhilarated than when I am skating. I would very much like to go further with this as I seem to exhibit a natural talent for it too.

 I think there are many talented young skaters in the area waiting to be found. Who knows that providing a rink for practice locally we can be putting forward Britain's next generation for the winter Olympics! After all. The 2012 Olympics was to inspire a generation.

Let’s make this happen and let me follow my love and give me this much needed enjoyment in my life. I would not be at all surprised if there was a high enough demand for a permanent rink.

Borah from Hove says;

A decent sized ice rink is long overdue in Brighton & Hove. This would be a good test of popularity hopefully leading to a permanent full sized rink.

Mitchell from Brighton says;

I dont think it's a good idea it is a waste of money and there are much better ways to improve the current use of the site (eg bigger swimming pool, better slides etc) than to add something else.  I do not agree with this additional development.

Helen from Brighton says;

I work as a youth worker in the city and this would be an amazing facility for the young people that I work with. Currently if we want to go ice-skating, we travel to Guildford, or use the Pavilion ice-rink over winter (which is expensive)

Hillary from Eastbourne says;

I used to use the ice rink that was in Brighton in the Eighties and loved it. I would travel over at least once a month to attend. It's sad that my children and their friends don't have the same opportunity at this time.

Mark from Brighton says;

I’m sure if you look at the popularity of the temporary rinks in Brighton and Worthing it would pay its way. As long as it is of a decent size as the temporary rinks tend to be a little on the small side.

Christopher from Hastings says;

As a US expat, where there are at least 5 ice rinks in a 10 mile radius from our former residence, I think it is very important to offer recreational facilities that are open and easy to access by the general public.  I think it serves as an important part in keeping young people fit and engaged and it is a shame that there are not more facilities available to them so that they have more options to fill their spare time.

Jean from Sussex says;

Skating is all good exercise. Both my husband and I have been with the Grandchildren many times.

Glyn from Brighton says;

Brighton needs an ice will attract visitors both from within East Sussex and from further afield.

Andy from Brighton says;

As long as it is self sufficient and not going to cost the rate payers of Brighton any money or funding from the council i cannot see any problems.

Clair from Burgess Hill says;

I think that it would be great to have a local ice rink, the nearest one is Guildford. Anything that encourages young people to take part in sport is a good thing and the fact that it would be the only one in the area would mean people would travel from towns and villages in the vicinity to use the rink.

Steve Hurstpierpoint says;

Make it happen, we have to travel to Guildford at the moment which is a pain!

Nicole from Hurstpierpoint says;

At present I am obliged to travel all the way to the Guildford Spectrum to skate. I am always amazed at the volume of people skating there and for that reason feel that an ice rink in Brighton & Hove could only benefit the city.

Amy from Uckfield says;

I would also like to see a snow zone in the area too!

Paul from Brighton says;

Brighton has been crying out for a rink for some time; if enough effort is made to make the facility attractive to as wide a variety of customers as possible.

Mattia from Brighton says;

I feel that as Brighton used to have an Ice Hockey team, this could be a chance to recreate that magic and give the people of Brighton something new to assist to on a weekend, alongside football, cricket and rugby.

Veronica from Brighton says;

It would be great place for kids and adults to hang out in rainy and windy days.

Catherine from Worthing says;

The nearest ice rink at the moment is Portsmouth or the spectrum which are a long way to go for many people in west Sussex, it would be good to have one that is nearer as I used to love ice skating as a child.

Lynsetta from Hove says;

It’s about time this town needs its own rink so bad.

Nicky from Littlehampton says;

The more good quality facilities youngsters have to occupy their spare time, the more good will on their part could be generated and it is an excellent form of exercise.

Matthew from Hove says;

I currently travel to the Guildford Spectrum once a week with 3 friends who are also from Brighton and Hove. Would be brilliant for the community and get a lot of kids of the streets.

Anna from Hove says;

A great addition to the city as there isn't an ice rink in the area.

Susannah from Chelmsford says;

I moved away from Brighton, and then I started skating in Essex. I would love to come back and live in Brighton as I love it, but I can't live somewhere so far away from a rink now. I wish this project the best of luck.

Teresa from Hove says;

Good idea but transport could be an issue.

Alice from Hove says;

We definitely need an ice rink in Hove!

Ian from Eastbourne says;

I assist with Girl Guide units in Eastbourne, and they are always asking about having somewhere to ice skate. The County has nowhere close for us to use.

Catriona from Uckfield says;

We have to drive to Guildford to skate. my whole family want to skate together and it would be fantastic to be able to skate in Hove.  As we would have to drive they would have to do something about parking which is too expensive on the seafront to use for several hours. The parking would be the only problem.

Alison from London says;

I am currently driving to Guildford to access ice skating so although Hove is 45 min drive I would still go regularly.  I think it would be a brilliant use of the space. Brighton doesn’t need more clubs, shopping and gyms, it needs good provision for children to have exercise and stay fit while having lots of fun.  I grew up with a local rink and it’s where we hung out from choice.

Laura from Wadhurst says;

It would be amazing if you could provide this facility, having skated and trained every week in London we have desperately missed having a skating rink.  The sport is very poorly served in this part of the world and s something that many kids love.  A rink here would still be a long way to travel for us, but I am so excited about the rink I would be very interested in getting involved and ensuring that it happens.  Fingers crossed!

Mrs. L from Shoreham says;

Our nearest Ice Rink is Guildford and it can take up to 1 1/4 hours to travel there, which I think puts a lot of people off.  When I have been to Guildford, however, it always seems to be very busy and I think the same would happen at the King Alfred.  In addition, the temporary ice rinks that have been in place always seem to be popular too.

Barry from Battle says;

This would be a fantastic opportunity to get the local teenagers off the street and in to a hobby that would not only keep them fit, it would keep them safe in a controlled environment. The Brighton ice rink did me good for 20 years and my parents before me. It brings people together to excise and enjoy a family day out.

Coco from Crawley says;

It is ridiculous that there isn't an ice rink in Brighton or the surrounding area. I live in Crawley and the nearest is Guildford which is nearly an hour’s drive away. If there was one in Brighton I know many people who would use it on a regular basis.

Abi from Brighton says;

I think that it is a great idea and have wanted an Ice Rink around Brighton for a long time. It is a new way for people around Brighton and Hove to get out, exercise, have parties and just enjoy ourselves.

Beverley from Brighton says;

I think it is a great idea to have an ice rink in the Brighton and Hove area, we have a lot of leisure facilities but no permanent ice rink, there would be a lot of interest from the local children and adults (like me) who want to get back into it.

Elvis from Hove says;

As a child I skated once a week at the ice rink near the clock tower. I've always missed the rink and now only get to skate maybe twice a year on trips to Guilford. Brighton needs an ice rink more than just once a year when it's a novelty rink at the Pavilion. It's a great sport for children, along with other sports keeps them out of trouble and gives them something constructive to do. Please bring this semi permanent rink to Hove and please let this be the start of bringing a permanent rink and the Brighton Tigers back to Brighton. Thank you.

Samira from Brighton says;

I think as a major City we should just not have a temporary ice rink but a permanent one. This would help contribute to its running as people would visit it from afar and it could be used for competitions and shows. If admission prices are fair and not expensive then it would be popular to many people and be used frequently. I work with disabled people and the temporary ice rink at the pavilion attracted lots of use by our customers and others, many in wheelchairs as this was also accessible for them and the staff there were very helpful and offered help and advice whenever we needed it. This new ice rink would also open up opportunities for those less able people to enjoy sports in our city and feel integrated and part of their community.  

Jemma Garrett from Hove says;

An ice rink in Hove would only be a positive step forward for Hove. It would boost the local businesses and economy. There is not a lot for the youth to do apart from the King Alfred Leisure Centre. What a great idea to have both an Ice Rink and a Leisure Centre side by side. It is also great exercise and fun for all ages. I have to travel a hour and a half to go ice skating in Guilford. It is silly that Brighton & Hove does not have an ice rink. We are a city for heaven’s sake.

I really begrudge the expense to skate for one hour on a tiny ice rink and feel guilty if I want to do a jump or spin. I love figure skating and really miss it and I know I'm not alone. I met a lot of people at the Pavilion and they were equally as surprised that nothing has been done. Why has the council been so silent about all this?

Surely a community based ice rink is common sense and this should be considered?

Lizzie from Hove says;

I have been able to ice skate since I was a teenager! I remember the little ice rink in Brighton and used it regularly when I came to live in Brighton 30 years ago. I have been excited about the prospect of a larger rink ever since. Over the years I've had to travel with my children to Streatham and Guildford to give them the opportunity and fun that I enjoyed as I grew up. I live in hope of a rink being built before I'm too old to enjoy it....I do still skate at the Christmas rink at the Pavilion but hope very much to be able to do so at the King Alfred!!! Yes yes please!<3 :-)

Jenny from Brighton says;

Brighton and Hove is in desperate need for a permanent Ice Rink. We should be encouraging children to get involved in sports by offering a wider range of interesting and fun activities, an Ice skate at this site would be the perfect addition.

Pat from Hove says;

Please get us an ice rink and King Alfred looks ugly on the west side this can only improve the area.

Caroline from Littlehampton says;

Lessons would be good to advance skating skills.

David from Hove says;

I'm 52, but ready to skate, I'm a member of a local church, and have asked many people if they would be interested in an Ice Rink and the answer is yes. I think it would, generate local involvement, bring skills to the area, even an Olympic champion? An all year round event.

Tracie from Worthing says;

Sussex desperately needs an ice rink and this would be a great location to test the market.

Miriam from Hove says;

I'd love to have a local ice rink!

Annabelle from Brighton says;

I believe a permanent ice rink is needed back in Brighton to encourage the youth of the city to exercise and interact with sport in variety of forms. I think it should be permanently sited at the Black Rock site.

KA Ice Quest says;

Thank you Annabelle, we see this temporary facility as a way to initiate an ice skating industry in the city. The King Alfred site may prove that this is the best location for a permanent ice pad to be sited alongside state of the art pools and leisure facilities. The KA as it stands is many years from any full development and this project would be filling the gap as a low risk live experiment at the site.

Sarah from Brighton says;

There has been a need for a ice rink in this city for a long long time and it's time it was actually built rather than talked about!!

Amy from Burgess Hill says;

I am a huge fan of artistic sports and would love to have a chance to learn to skate properly, however this is impossible for me as the nearest rink is 2 hours away in Guildford. Therefore I think this project is a brilliant and viable idea - many teenagers in my area (Burgess Hill) feel that there is nothing to do so an ice rink would encourage young people to get involved in sports instead of hanging about the streets.

Hannah from Hove says;

It would be great to have an ice rink in Hove..I don't exercise enough (really hardly ever :-( Other exercise I am not motivated about, but Ice skating is social and fun whether you go on your own or with others..(with some music is great too) I have been to Pavilion Ice rink a few times-bit too expensive though..I would take my niece and nephew often in Hove, they are 15 and 13 and love ice-skating! Nephew is 6 now, so would go soon too :-)

Jamie from Peacehaven says;

A permanent ice rink is exactly what the south east needs, Guildford spectrum is just too far for those who are in love with this sport, and it is simply not fair, Christopher dean trained at Brighton ice rink which has since been demolished, but isn't that the kind of example that comes out of things like this?

Annette from Portslade says;

I am a figure skater and would like my daughter who is 2.5 to have the chance to try skating, but she is a bit small to go on for a whole hour.  When the Pavilion ice rink had a creche, I was going 5 times a week.  A creche would also be an extremely good investment!

Sarah from Shoreham-by-Sea says;

It will be great for us to have an ice rink closer so that we can go more regularly on our own and with our children.

Charlotte from Storrington says;

We need somewhere nearer than Guildford to skate, you've seen how popular the temporary ones at the pavilion etc are!! Get a proper rink!!

Kristina from Southwick says;

I think it is a fantastic idea. Should of had one built in Brighton years ago.

Ben from Brighton says;

I think that one of the only things that Brighton is lacking is an ice rink I think an ice rink would greatly benefit the local economy and provide the people of Brighton and Hove to go ice skating on a regular basis which would be both a benefit to their health and physical fitness and just a great laugh! I would also be very interested in joining an ice hockey team as currently the closest team is Guildford which is too far to travel on a regular basis.

Marian from Hove says;

As a child I went to the Kings West Ice Rink, which gave my sisters and I a lot of pleasure in learning how to skate.  This town is well overdue for a new ice rink that is of a decent size that will be beneficial for all.  My only concern is what parking would be available not just of the ice rink users, but for the public who park there to have the benefit of the seafront.

Leah from Hove says;

Brighton and Hove has been crying out for an ice rink since the closure of the Brighton rink many years ago. The location is so convenient and I can imagine the venue being highly popular for a range of people. I would not be willing to pay more than the Pavilion temporary ice rink prices as these were too steep for me, and would love to attend occasional over-18s only events at the rink.

Ben from Hove says;

I am pleased that the currently scruffy unused area of the KA complex will be used for this ice skating project.   It will greatly improve the appearance of the area generally and provide a much needed additional facility at the KA. I would like 'The Brighton (now: & Hove) Tigers' to return to the city!

Jane from Brighton says;

I think it's important for Brighton and Hove to invest in all sports and active recreational pastimes; currently we have very few swimming pools and leisure centres per capita and no ice rink. I believe that ice skating would be particularly effective as an activity to engage more 11-25 year olds in sport in Brighton and Hove.

Bronwyn from Worthing says;

Very very excited about the prospect of an Ice rink in hove, we currently travel to Isle of Wight to use the ice rink there but having one so much closer would mean we would be able to use it a lot more.

Valerie from Worthing says;

There are very few Ice rinks in the south so we really need one as there is a demand for it.

Elaine from Hove says;

Will be good to have more frequent public transport ie bus to reach there!  It would be good that the car park close to King Alfred should be free to when we use the King Alfred or operate as a cheaper car park not a prepaid one!

Gary from Portslade says;

My whole family loves ice skating, it would be great if we would't need to go to Guildford, we would be able to do enjoy this much more often.

Penny from Portslade says;

I love ice skating!!! <3

Gizella from Portslade says;

I hope the King Alfred Ice Rink will open VERY SOON!

Susan from Brighton says;

I've waited over 30 years for an ice rink near to home, having travelled to Richmond, Streatham and Guilford to play ice hockey and do speed skating over the years. The current site is an eye sore and the development of an ice rink will provide much needed sports facilities for all in this area. It will also create new jobs for the area. A win win win situation for lots of people. Please hurry up and build before I'm too old to enjoy skating.

Jean from Brighton says;

I travel to Guildford for ice skating, my kids love it. I think it would give the kids somewhere to go, and do something fun and active.

Hazel from Hove says;

It's a good idea for the vacant site to have an active temporary use. I wouldn't want the temporary use to prejudice a long term solution to redevelopment of the King Alfred site.

Rachel from Burgess Hill says;

It would be great to have an ice rink closer than Guildford then we could go more often.

Geoffrey from Hove says;

For me personally I think it would be about time that Brighton and Hove had an up to date ice skating rink and a state of the art leisure centre. Every other major city or town seems to have one and after the success of the London Olympics I think it would be a positive thing for young and old alike that Brighton and Hove does too.

Michelle from Peacehaven says;

Brighton and Hove has been crying out for an Ice Rink for such a long time. It would bring so much to the local community and profile of Brighton and Hove and also create many jobs. The King Alfred is the perfect place for the Ice Rink and should be a permanent attraction for our city.

Andrew from Hove says;

As a shop owner in the local community I feel the King Alfred site should have temporary ice rink built over the top of the old bowling alley. I also think the old bowling alley should be stripped and used as a refreshments and club area so the above ice rink can host functions and parties. I wholly welcome this kind of development and can only benefit the whole of the Brighton and Hove area.

Geoff from Hove says;

This is an amazing idea.  Brighton & Hove suffer with a severe lack of sports/leisure facilities.  Having relatives in Canada I'm aware of how popular and pleasurable ice rinks can be.  Along with an ice rink we also need new facilities where young people and adults can train in gymnastics/parkour too.

Ernesto from Hove says;

I really hope this project goes through and Hove gets this amazing facility.

Isaac from Brighton says;

Make more spaces in the car park.

Fiona from Brighton says;

My only concern is available there enough?

KA Ice Quest says;

Thank you for your comment Fiona, please refer to the answer I gave Tom further down the page.

Zena from Brighton says;

Use of the King Alfred buildings should be maximised to generate funds to improve the facilities. As long as the buildings can be made to be environmentally sustainable I cannot see why they should be replaced. An ice skating rink is something that the people of Brighton & Hove have been asking for since the closure of Queen Square, and the success of the temporary rinks in Worthing and Brighton prove that a rink is solidly viable at least for three months of the year. How we make it viable for the other 9 months depends on the skill of the marketing department!

Hilary from Horley says;

Be great to have a rink closer than Guildford or Streatham / Brixton.

Mihael  from Brighton says;

I think an ice rink in Brighton & Hove is a very good idea.

Adam from Shoreham by Sea says;

The country has embraced the summer Olympics which has left us with so many amazing summer sports venues, more people than ever are trying new sports. The city would be mad not to set up a venue which supports the winter Olympic sport of ice skating, if this does not help boost the economy...what will. 

Reg from Brighton says;

After being an avid Brighton Tigers supporter for many years, I felt cheated that there has been no replacement ice rink after being promised.

Retired Skater from Alfriston says;

There is no convenient ice rink for serious skaters in this area. Please build one soon!

Hoveactually says;

The ice rink should be an attractive building with contemporary lighting, signage and planting. not a municipal looking eyesore. it would be good to combine an internal skate park to replace the outdoor skate park at hove lagoon that is only used during good weather and day times and is unsupervised. this would give back some green space taken away from hove lagoon. the ice rink should offer a shuttle bus along the seafront to the city centre as the public transport here is poor. sufficient free parking, and rubbish clearance.

KA Ice Quest says;

Thank you Hoveactually, the only aim of this project is to instigate an ice skating industry and long term plan for the future, and we would be unable to include an indoor skate park in the design.

Paul from Brighton says;

Leisure facilities for the whole family are sorely lacking in the Brighton & Hove area and any project to provide these must be welcomed with opened arms.

Natasha from Brighton says;

It’s just what Brighton needs....

Daniel from Peacehaven says;

Knock the king Alfred down and build a whole new leisure faculty for the city.

Mark from Uckfield says;

Would be great for an ice rink at King Alfred.

Mark from Lewes says;

I believe that in our current economical situation, these kind of ideas are great to see. It shows there are still people out there that care about the everyday person, it should bring people in from further afield which should also help local businesses and attract more people to the city.

Gem from Portslade says;

I think this would be great idea to have a ice skating rink in Brighton and Hove as they got rid of our small one in town..   There was talks of having one on the waste land down seafront where they have the sandmodels now and again but that never happened..    Youngsters today need more of this sort of thing around to help get them off the streets and get young/older generation into a sport..    The only thing that concerns me is the parking as it’s a small car park and it gets bad there now so this be much of a bigger issue when the ice skating area will be there..

KA Ice Quest says;

Thank you for your comment Gem, please refer to the answer I gave Tom a few comments down.

Dayna from Brighton says;

When I was younger I remember it as a popular site for Bowling and Megazone, it would be nice to see something there again. The nearest decent ice rink is Guildford, which can be a trek.

Vicki from Shoreham by Sea says;

I would like to see the ice rink as a permanent feature. We have many temporary ice rinks throughout the year, and our closest permanent one is Guildford. My children love ice skating and I would take them every day, but it seems such a waste to only have one for a short time because ice skating is a much loved and fast growing sport.

Graham from Brighton says;

My late father & uncle both skated at West Street as speed skaters. At 7 yrs of age I was told a new ice rink would be provided shortly. Well let’s hope the King Alfred can meet that promise- though a bit late.

KA Ice Quest says;

Thank you Graham this is a familiar story that is shared by many and it is time to put this right once and for all.

Ann from Brighton says;

The frequency with which I visit the rink will depend in part on the cost of skating there and what type of additional facilities will be there - restaurant, bar, etc

Carroll from Fishersgate says;

I've really missed being able to ice skate in Brighton since the old rink closed years ago. Most people will remember that the old ice rink was ridiculously tiny anyway. The closest other ice rink is in Guildford, which is far by car and inaccessible by train or bus. We really need this type of facility in our city! The popularity of the temporary rink at the pavilion at Christmas is testament to that!

Richard from Hove says;

I think that an ice-rink would be an excellent opportunity to spearhead a new sporting initiative in Brighton & Hove and would help to generate revenue to supplement the rest of the King Alfred's facilities.

Tom from Hove says;

Though I do believe that the introduction of a temporary ice rink to the King Alfred would be beneficial to the future viability of keeping the KA as a sports complex, and the introduction of a permanent rink in Brighton I do have concerns. As a local resident (I am opposite the KA) parking in the area is already vastly oversubscribed, with extremely limited parking available after 6pm. If this was to be taken to the council as a complete proposal to be considered then I feel this is an issue that must be addressed. I believe the rink would (hopefully) prove to be popular, to the point where the existing KA car park would not have enough space to cope (They currently struggle to cope with the demand for the gym between 3 and 6 for both Cheetas and the KA). Parking is currently insufficient for residents at weekends and evenings. So I'm not sure what the solution to the parking would be (As people tend to always choose their own transport over public options). If you can come up with a way to get around that, great. But if not it could end up becoming a major problem for the local residents.

KA Ice Quest says;

Thank you Tom, this is a very valid question to ask and I have answered Mandy from Hove, who raised this point further down in the comments.

Parking has many different contributing factors from, the time of day, day of the week and which season we are in. As well as the King Alfred car park there are also a lot of places available to park along Hove seafront, west of the KA, during the early mornings and evenings, so it depends on which sessions visitors would be attending, as well as taking into consideration the first factors I included above.

With Hove Station conveniently 10 minutes up the road, there is the option for visitors to use the train. The local community, depending on where they live, would walk, cycle, bus or be dropped off at the facility.

I do agree that if you catch Brighton & Hove at the wrong time in your car, it is a nightmare to park anywhere, but this also forces people to think ahead and plan their visits wisely.

Brighton & Hove Albion have to cope with getting 26,000 people in and out of the Amex from all over Sussex on match day so I think we will be ok.

However we will have to include a fully detailed transport assessment in the proposal.

Luke from Portslade says;

I think this is a fantastic idea, and would be fantastic for all types of occasions and festivities.

Alison from Brighton says;

It's about time Brighton and Hove got an ice rink back.  The council have promised the residents of B&H an ice rink for years, but have yet to deliver.

Edward from Hove says;

A fresh burst of life to the unloved leisure centre.

Jasmin from Brighton says;

I feel strongly about the need for an ice rink in Sussex, particularly Brighton. I very much enjoy skating, and myself and my sister (age twelve) make use of the temporary ice rinks at the Pavilion and Brighton Centre at least twice a week when they are here. We have made the trip up to Guildford a few times, but the journey is far too long to be able to go there very often. I have no doubt that if we had a more permanent rink in our city, we would make regular use of it at least once a week, particularly if there was a season ticket we could buy.

My sister has often expressed an interest in taking up figure skating as a hobby, but with nowhere she can go weekly, this is not something she is able to do at the moment. I also feel that if there had been an ice rink in Brighton when I was in my teens, I too would have wanted to take up classes. It would be fantastic to have somewhere for my sister to hang out with her friends, other than the park etc. which she says can get boring at times. I think this would go for a lot of other young people too. It would be a safer environment for them, they would be learning new skills and keeping fit at the same time.

It is about time a city as big as Brighton got proper sports facility. All our leisure centres are getting old and tired and the best activity they can offer family's is swimming. The two gymnastics clubs in the city (one of which I am a coach at) have no permanent bases. You only have to look at leisure centres such as the K2 in Crawley, to see that the standards in our city in no way match up. In this Olympic year, when we are supposedly meant to be inspired to get involved with sport, I feel the council of Brighton and Hove are doing nothing to encourage us. Certainly, our sports facilities are hardly inspiring. And in an age when obesity is a big issue, we need activities that are both healthy AND fun!
So come on Brighton, This ice rink is long over-due. Let's get behind this very worthy project and get the sports facility this city deserves. See you on the ice!

Rhiannon from Brighton says;

I have always been amazed that there's not an ice rink in or near the city, and thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to go to the summer rink at the Brighton Centre this year. It's brilliant exercise, great fun, and would draw in extra visitors from surrounding towns.

Graham fro Southwick says;

Whenever there is a temporary ice skating facility in the Brighton area it is always packed. I used to skate a lot when there was a local facility but don't want to travel several hours for an hour’s pleasure skating. I strongly feel that it is something young people miss out on as there is no local facility. It would also be great to watch a local team play ice hockey. I strongly recommend and support this initiative and am excited about the prospect.

Mel from Portslade says;

This is a brilliant idea and about time too. I haven\'t had the opportunity to skate since the small rink in Brighton closed, I would love to try it again and take my children. A great way for all ages to keep fit and have fun.

Nathan from Worthing says;

At the moment I have to travel to Guildford every Sunday night to use the rink. There are a lot of skaters that do this from Worthing so one closer would be amazing

Fay from Hove says;

It will be ideal to bring Ice skating to the city as the only one I know is in Guildford. It can be used by local youth groups such as BMEYPP.

Donna from Portslade says;

This would be an excellent addition to the city's leisure activities. A good, healthy family attraction is most relevant in these times.

Lou from Hove says;

The ice rink carrot has been dangled under our noses for many years (black rock?)  If it was a truly financially valid business then why has it not been implemented before?  It's a yes from me but it throws up many, many problems.

KA Ice Quest says;

Thank you Lou, yes we fully understand your frustration with the ice rink carrot being dangled. The difference concerning the financial aspect is that Black Rock was unaffordable and in the end it was projected to cost about £100 million. The King Alfred ice rink has been designed to be practical and affordable at a cost of around £1 million.

Stella from Hove says;

I have been ice skating for 13 years now. I loved the ice rink by the clock tower when I was a little girl. This needs to happen!

Caroline from Portslade says;

We need an ice rink in the Brighton area. Ice skating can be enjoyed by all different ages which can help community spirit, young and old having fun together. Also it can help youngsters with much needed employment in the area.

Trevor from Brighton says;

Brighton &Hove need an ice rink, just by the numbers that used the Pavilion ice rink the last to Christmas, we go to Guildford when we can but that’s around trip of 80 miles, just hope this gets off the ground, then perhaps we might get an top ice hockey team once again.

Daniel from Brighton says;

Ideally King Alfred should keep its current sports facilities, although I’m open to suggestions for complete redevelopment to include additional elements like Social Housing, Retail Outlets, Office Space and maybe another new tourist attraction.

Ann from Shoreham-by-Sea says;

We have waited too many years since the closing of the old S.S. Brighton in West Street.  I'm 69 years old now and still like to skate but Guildford is too far to go on a regular basis.  Please let\'s have an ice rink before I get too old to do it anymore.

Debbie from Brighton says;

I think this a great ideal and will help children and adults with active exercise.

Sandy from Brighton says;

I think a temporary ice rink at the King Alfred can only be a good thing. I would ultimately love to see a permanent ice rink built at Black Rock though. I'm sick of seeing that site wasted and often taken over by Travellers.

Charlotte from Brighton says;

We have waited a long time to have an ice rink in the Brighton Area. It's such an obvious town where an ice rink would be so well used and necessary for young and older people in the area. It would be a wonderful sporting boost for Brighton and Hove.

Dave from Hove says;

This is a great idea to fill the missing facilities for the City.  I swim 3 times a week at King Alfred and visited from London many years ago when this site was a ten-pin bowling alley.  Great site, great opportunity, can't wait.

Valerie from Brighton says;

There is a huge need for a permanent ice skating rink in Brighton and this temporary one will help to show the support for this idea.... it will also help give another sport outlet to young people.

David from Brighton says;

For too long Brighton has lagged behind other major cities, when it comes to providing quality activities for families to attend. If this temporary project provides the impetus to prove this to the council, then it will be worth it. Anyone who has travelled up to and spent the day at the Guildford Spectrum Sports complex, I am sure will agree.

Andrew from Hove says;

Some form of parking incentive should be provided (e.g. free parking for users). Appropriate facilities should also be included (cafe, changing rooms, arcade) There is high demand for this and a well organised and correctly PRICED rink will be a profitable business and welcome addition to the city.

Jenny from Hove says;

I think an Ice Rink would be a brilliant thing to have. It's just a shame it is only going to be temporary. Hopefully if demand is high enough a permanent will be built locally as well.

Kerry from Portslade says;

I think this is a brilliant idea. It's an ideal location, central for everyone who live in Brighton and surrounding areas. There's so many functions you can have at the ice rink as you've listed discos etc. It's even an opportunity for people to learn on a serious level.  I'm sure we all watch dancing on ice and say 'I wish I could do that' now there's a possibility that we can.

Ann from Portslade says;

To make it large enough for sports to occur such as ice hockey. The seasonal one by the pavilion is far too small to do anything and makes customers wait a long time for a short amount of time on the ice.

KA Ice Quest says;

Thank you Ann the ice pad would be slightly bigger than Gosport.

Fraser from Brighton says;

I love the idea, it will be a great use of the space, good entertainment and exercise for youngsters and adults alike.I hope the plan goes ahead.

Guy from Hove says;

It would be about time we had a ice rink. Where is the nearest to us? Tunbridge Wells / Gosport. It would definitely benefit the local community.

Katrina from Hove says;

Bring ice skating to Hove, please!

Michael from Hove says;

Bring back the Brighton Tigers I think it is a great idea and would use the rink as much as I can

Roy from Shoreham

Having worked at the old SS & my son playing ice hockey for the Brighton Tiger Cubs & the Brighton Royals I would love to see local skating again. The King Alfred seems to be an ideal site.

Lisa from Portslade says;

I have played inline Skater Hockey in previous years and I had to give up upon moving to Brighton 12 years ago as there weren't any teams or facilities, yet Brighton years ago had the Tigers and then the reformed Tigers some years later.  Brighton is a skateboard, skate town but lacks the facilities to support it, instead we watch other towns and cities develop.  Brighton now needs more than it's Lanes, Amex Stadium, shops & restaurants......there is a big following of Ice and Inline but the UK is slack at grasping it, especially the South East which used to have so much more around skating. It has been talked about for years about Black Rock being the site but would be great at King Alfred in Hove.

Bruce from Eastbourne says;

Sussex has an exciting roller hockey set up and this would attract interest to an ice skating facility.

Ray from Hove says;

It would be good for youngsters and teenagers giving them something to do, providing the cost is not too high.

Ann from Southwick says;

For decades an Ice Rink has been on the books - it is high time the council did something about it - otherwise one has to travel to Guildford.  The popularity of the temporary rinks over Christmas should tell the Council that a rink is an absolutely necessity in Brighton.

Paul from Henfield says;

We have a Ice Rink at the Pavilion each year and it is always packed, we need this Ice Rink.

Karrie from Hove says;

I think this is a fantastic idea and a great use of space. With the great popularity of both the Pavilion Xmas skating and the Shoreham roller skating venue amongst my kids and their peers I feel that that there would be a good level of support. Also with the UK climate I just don't think there are currently enough indoor activity venues for families - the huge queues out of the door at the King Alfred swimming pool on a rainy weekend demonstrate this!

Gyorgy from Hove says;

Hi there, I live in Hove and work for KA leisure centre as a personal trainer and coach. I was a pro ice hockey player in Hungary for 15 years, played in the national team too. I did coaching as well. I also played in England 2nd league 2009. I would be very happy if this thing could happen in Brighton, because it’s a brilliant sport and kids love to play ice hockey.

Radovan from Brighton says;

We would love to start play ice hockey here in Brighton, so we don't have to travel so far just for skating. I really hope the plans go through! I already bought a Hockey see you on the ice:))

Abi from Worthing says;

I think any type of ice rink in Sussex is a great idea. The nearest at present is Guildford. I have a young son and want to take him skating on a regular basis. I would use a rink that was near to us at least once a month, we live in Worthing, so this would be ideal for us.

Samantha from Hove says;

It is important that King Alfred is kept for sporting and leisure activities and that the necessary investment is forthcoming.  There is a general lack of good quality sporting facilities in the local area and I am most keen to see this facility maintained and improved to best serve the community.

Stuart from Hove says;

The City has been without a decent Ice Pad for too long, bring back the ice, bring back the Tigers bring back the fun. Come BHCC sort it!!!

Simon from Seaford says;

Brighton has been crying out for an ice rink for many years and would be a commercial delight for a city such as ours!!!!

Deborah from Hove says;

I remember going every Saturday morning to the Top Rank ice rink in Brighton many years ago with school friends.  We were all so sad to see the Rank Ice Rink go.  It was a hub of activity and a great meeting place.  We tried the small rink that was in Queen's Square for a while but it was really tiny and didn't bother after that.  To have a new Ice Rink as part of the King Alfred complex would be fantastic and a lovely reminder of childhood days skimming the ice.  Even though I am now in my 50's, I would love to take up skating again and would happily expand my regular swimming times at the King Alfred to include ice skating.  I would be disappointed if this application for a temporary rink was not approved and even more disappointed if a permanent rink was not included with the redevelopment plans for King Alfred Leisure complex.

Susan from Hassocks says;

An ice rink would raise the attractiveness and secondarily visitor numbers with revenue generation for the area and attract visitors both nationally and internationally. In this connection a seafront rollerblading route from the Marina to Hove Lagoon would do the same to put Brighton & Hove on an international map.

Katie from Brighton says;

Brighton and Hove would hugely benefit from an ice rink. This has proved an incredibly popular activity and the area lost it's ice rink many years ago. B&H lack in leisure facilities compared with other cities, relying too much on it's seafront and not providing facilities for local people.

Natalie from Shoreham says;

I am a lifelong skater - My children and I love skating but are hardly ever able to go as rinks are too far away. Brighton and the surrounding area needs more leisure facilities and an ice rink of good size would attract a lot of people as there are no alternatives nearby. How fantastic to bring back figure skating, ice hockey and other activities back to Brighton.

James from Hove says;

I have long wished for an ice rink in Brighton and Hove and sincerely hope this project gets the go-ahead. I've always been a fan of ice hockey and would love to have the opportunity to play in Hove. I think it's a fantastic idea and I'm sure it would attract a great deal of interest from many in the community, and who knows perhaps even a return of the Brighton Tigers? 

Zachary from Brighton says;

We have long needed a proper ice skating facility in Brighton, as the nearest permanent, full size facility in Guildford is too far away to use regularly. There is already a major inline skating community growing in Brighton and this ice rink would just further and complement this sport. There is no way this project will fail. And everyone will reap the benefits if it goes ahead. I’m already excited about the project.

Jackie from Hove says;

Brighton is in real need of an ice rink - it would be fantastic to have one at the King Alfred.

Janet from Hove says;

Great idea. Go for it. That derelict site is awful.... anything would be better than the current situation.

Lucy from Hove says;

It would be an improvement to the area.

Renata from Hove says;

Please build this ice rink! I live just a short walk from the King Alfred and have been hoping for somewhere to skate locally for a while. I think this will look much better than the current wasteland - it looks like a nice reasonably low profile structure and an ice rink will provide another activity to keep people healthy and an additional community base for people locally as well as bringing people in from other parts of Sussex. I think the popularity of the temporary ice rinks we have each year already suggests there is enough demand to make this worth doing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

James from Hove says;

Please make the ice rink because it will give children and adults alike a completely new skill and I'm sure everyone would love ice skating.

Bob from Peacehaven says;

I think this will be great for Brighton & Hove and the public. It should have been done a long time ago. I’m 44 and used to skate when I was a young lad so can’t wait to get on the ice again, so come on please let it happen!! 

Lynne from Hove says;

I used to use the Brighton ice rink back in the early 70s, very excited that we now have an ice rink and have been waiting 30 years to continue to ice skate, but the nearest ones are Gosport or Guilford. Well done to whoever suggested this site in Hove, I love this pastime and will have the chance to have something to look forward to before I get much older.

KA Ice Quest says;

Thank you Lynne, we still have to prove to the council that our community overwhelmingly demands this facility.
This is a great opportunity for the local community to take responsibility and demand that the council consider a full proposal for this project.

Karen from Hove says;

This is a brilliant idea!  I really hope the creation of an ice rink goes ahead.  A new sporting venue is just what this city needs.

Cath from Steyning says;

I would like to see a more up to date full size ice rink in King Alfred Leisure Centre in the future.

Wendy from Brighton says;

Yes, it would be nice to see the Brighton Marina site turned into the proposed leisure /conference / ice-arena for the community of Brighton & Hove and surrounding areas as also wanted badly by ice champion skater Robin Cousins and Jayne Torvill.

KA Ice Quest says;

Thank you Wendy, yes it would have been good if the Brighton International Arena did happen but unfortunately these types of arenas are normally built within the easy location of a main railway station. I believe that this was one of the downfalls of the BIA project which in turn led to its difficulty in finding investment.

Argus Brighton International Arena story

Josie from Shoreham by Sea says;

I think the King Alfred Ice Rink will be good for both the local general public as well as the economy. There aren't many recreational activity-based areas locally and the rink would be a great place to meet friends. If the project does get up and running I can see myself spending quite a lot of time there with friends, especially as there are no ice-skating rinks that are available in a small journey.

Julie from Telscombe Cliffs says;

I think this is a brilliant idea.  Currently we travel for two hours to get to the nearest ice rink and therefore only go about 4 times a year.  It is hard for either my daughter or me to make progress with such infrequent practice.  I only hope that the proposed ice rink keep the costs to a realistic level.  I am a single parent, with one income and not entitled to any benefits or support and I pay the same bills as a couple would. I wish you well with this venture.

David from Brighton says;

Isn't the Pavilion temporary rink a good indication of public support for ice-skating? Or is it too seasonal, a winter novelty?

Mishkin from Brighton says;

Brighton needs an ice rink!

Steve from Shoreham says;

I skated on the old Brighton ice rink (Brighton Tigers),both my children love to skate but we have to travel to Guildford to do so, a decent size ice rink in Brighton would be great for all the family, maybe a trip to Guildford would show just how popular skating is.

Sonny from Brighton says;

I love ice skating and at present have to travel to Guildford to skate or wait to skate at the pavilion ice rink at Christmas, I have been training with Brighton Stormers roller hockey club and it would be brilliant if we could join a local ice hockey club, how long are we going to have to wait?? thanks for trying to progress with this well overdue much needed venue!!

Jodie from Brighton says;

I think this is a very good idea, and would be extremely popular in Brighton, especially in Winter months.

Kate from Portslade says;

Since the Ice rink closed in Brighton several years ago, many people have missed this as a recreational activity. As there are no rinks in close proximity to the city it would generate a lot of interest and has the potential to bring in a good revenue for the King Alfred centre. It can only be a good thing.

John from Hove says;

Good luck, I hope to manage to pull it off!!

Claire from Sussex says;

I am in my 40's and would love ice skating lessons

Dean from Hove says;

This site is perfect for an ice rink. Given that Hove & Brighton is a progressive City, with a young demographic, this would be an excellent fit. Let's make The King Alfred a first class sports facility, which is badly needed, on an existing somewhat dilapidated site.

Margaret from Hove says;

I grew up skating on ponds in Canada, and I would love to go skating more, but the closest place to skate is in London, so something closer to me would be great.

Marta from Brighton says;

I've been waiting for this to happen for years. As a great fan of ice skating I'll be more than happy to be able to skate in my city so close to where I live. This will keep me and my family active and healthy!

Tom from Brighton says;

This would be great as right now I have to drive to Guildford to enjoy Ice Rink. Thanks.

David from Hove says;

An ice rink would be a much needed asset for the local community & a wonderful attraction for Brighton & Hove city. Much overdue !!

Ann from Hove says;

This is an excellent plan, and long overdue. We need this facility so that our young people can enjoy ice skating, as many of us did in the days of the SS Brighton Ice Rink in West Street (Brighton) 

Rebecca from Hove says;

I love ice skating, it is great fun and it a real shame that our nearest rink at the moment is so far away! It has always been a popular pastime and I am actually surprised that Brighton and Hove hasn't done this sooner. It's something that all ages would love!

Christian from Brighton says;

I started ice-skating last December at the Brighton Pavilion and my family and I loved it soo much. We wished for an ice rink and in July the Brighton center opened a two week one which we went to almost every day.

Matt from Hove says;

Excellent idea, good luck!

Tina from Hove says;

It would be a lot easier than traveling to Guildford.

Marie from Hove says;

Great idea!

Jessie from Hove says;

There has been the idea of having an ice rink in Brighton and Hove for a long time and I think it's brilliant that this is actually being taken seriously. I really hope the plans go through!

Glenda from Hove says;

Car parking is important. Bus services are ok if you live in the centre of Brighton and Hove, but if you live in the suburbs that is not always the case. There are no Brighton & Hove bus services which pass the King Alfred at present.

KA Ice Quest says;

Yes the site is seriously lacking in bus services and has the potential for huge improvement which needs to be taken advantage of.

Tina from Storrington says;

We really need a rink locally. I have to drive my children to Guildford to use Spectrum. I have a friend whose children have been very inspired by “Dancing on Ice." She drives to Guildford in all weathers for her children to have lessons. Why can’t we invest our time and money in local facilities?"

Jackie from Hassocks says;

I am currently a regular user of the King Alfred dance hall on a Friday at Dance Infinity's modern jive night, for which there is ample parking.  I fear that we would lose the dance hall under the new plans, or at any rate the ability to park when we use it, which would for me living out of town, would mean that I would not use it, which would be sad.  I think it unrealistic for council to expect everyone to arrive at the new venue by public transport.

KA Ice Quest says;

Thank you Jackie, firstly I can assure you that the dance hall will not be lost and the current KA services and building will remain untouched. With regards to parking please refer to the answer I gave to Mandy from Hove seven comments below. This is a community led initiative carrying out an independent public survey for market research purposes. At present the council have not sought any development proposals for the site and are not part of this investigation process.

Peter from Hove says;

Based on the floor plan on the website I would suggest you make the skate hire area bigger. These are always very very busy and can determine how enjoyable your experience is.

KA Ice Quest says;

Thank you Peter this has been noted.

Christine from Lancing says;

I think this is long overdue, as a kid I used to go to Kingswest with my uncle every Saturday and miss this very much, I think it should have been left there in hindsight.

Christina from Hove says;

Having an ice rink in Brighton and Hove would give our kids somewhere to go and enjoy being kids as I did when it was up by Brighton. And as you have taken away other things and replace with flat and offices it is about time you think of the people who are here to enjoy life and to keep fit.

Rory from Portslade says;

I strongly believe that an ice rink is something that Brighton and Hove is sorely missing. It is a great venue for friends to meet, money to be brought to the area and for sports fans to commune. A Brighton Ice Hockey team would be something for the community to get behind, too.

Hanna from Shoreham says;

I wish we could have the ice rink tomorrow. It is so important for youngsters to take part in sport and ice skating uses the whole body and makes you feel so good. I know what I am talking about, growing up in Vienna, Austria, everybody skated. As an amateur I won twice, the European champion ships and runner up in the Worlds and as a professional I traveled the world. I do hope we can get this going.

Jane from Portslade says;

I feel an ice rink is long overdue in the Brighton area. I have frequently travelled to Guildford to use the facilities both to skate with my children and watch the ice hockey. It grieves me that the money myself and many residents of Brighton & Hove have spent using these facilities has gone into the economy of Guildford when it could have been boosting our own area. My son plays inline hockey and is keen to get onto the ice.

Mandy from Hove says;

I could not find any indication of provision for parking which is a major issue around that area. If it is only in the leisure centre car park this will not be enough. Because people from around Sussex currently travel to Guildford to go ice skating. If you want them to come to Hove they must be able to park.

I fully support this site remaining as a sports venue and NOT flats or schools. I would have liked the old bowling alley to be revived but this looks like a great scheme too - as long as it is affordable! Good Luck!

KA Ice Quest says;

Thank you Mandy, this is a very valid question to ask and the answer has many different contributing factors from, the time of day, day of the week and which season we are in. As well as the King Alfred car park there are also a lot of places available to park along Hove seafront, west of the KA, during the early mornings and evenings, so it depends on which sessions visitors from out of town would be attending, as well as taking into consideration the factors I included above.

With Hove Station conveniently 10 minutes up the road, there is the option for visitors to use the train. The local community, depending on where they live, would walk, cycle, bus or be dropped off at the facility.

I do agree that if you catch Brighton & Hove at the wrong time in your car, it is a nightmare to park anywhere, but this also forces people to think ahead and plan their visits wisely.

Brighton & Hove Albion have to cope with getting 26,000 people in and out of the Amex from all over Sussex on match day so I think we will be ok.

However we will have to include a fully detailed transport assessment in the proposal.

Leo from Hove says;

I think it’s a great idea to create a structure not just to extend the way we play sports and creating Brighton sports clubs, but renovating the King Alfred’s structure. YOU’RE ALL AWESOME!!!

Redmond from Portslade says;

I hope this gets the approval it needs as this will be a great addition to the King Alfred and I’m sure it will be used constantly! I can remember the old ice rink in Brighton and how good that used to be when I was very young. Really hope this gets going

Andrea from Portslade says;

As a family, we've been looking for a good ice rink in Brighton which doesn’t seem to exist. The Royal Pavilion doesn’t have a good shape and only offers very limited seasonal opening times, so an ice rink at the King Alfred Centre would be a wonderful venue to have, and the location is superb and easily accessible from all directions. Btw, most German cities and towns have indoor (sometimes also outdoor) ice rinks which during summer time are often converted to roller blading and private hire/ party venues. They are very popular with the population throughout the year. Currently, we go with our 4 year old son to London for indoor ice skating. We’d love to have a proper indoor/outdoor ice rink in Brighton, and King Alfred Center would be perfect (we already use the swimming pool frequently)!

Jenny from Worthing says;

My daughter keeps on asking to go ice skating but there is nowhere suitable within the local area the king Alfred would be a fantastic location.

Ron from Brighton says;

It is a long time overdue.

Lou from Hove says;

There used to be a small ice rink under the King Alfred in the car park-it used to be very busy. This is a great idea! Good Luck!

Jack from Portslade says;

We need an ice rink in Brighton. Bring back the ice hockey.

Richard from Hove says;

The King Alfred was important for my own personal development growing up and now as a father, I want to ensure the facilities continue to develop and adapt to benefit my children, me and my family and the local community.

Francesca from Hove says;

It would be fantastic to have an Ice Rink in Brighton after so many years of not having one.  I would use it with my friends and with my future children. It's about time!

John from Dewsbury says;

I have been skating for about 35 years it is a good form of exercise and it give the young people somewhere to go. My son plays inline hockey and is wanting to get back to playing ice hockey.

AW from Sompting says;

We really need a permanent ice rink in this area. A temporary one would at least be a starting point. And it would be somewhere to skate all year round.

Thomas from Hove says;

Great idea.  Hope it comes to fruition.

Pheobe from Brighton & Hove says;

I think an ice staking rink at the King Alfred is a fantastic idea!

Mark from Angmering says;

Sussex needs an ice rink- we currently travel to Gosport, Basingstoke or Guildford to skate.

Gareth from Hove says;

Temporary ice rinks have shown great success in recent years. I feel Brighton would benefit from once again having a permanent rink. The location is a great choice and utilises space that is currently unattractive and unused.

Michael from Hove says;

As a city we deserve an ice rink and it would encourage people of all ages to exercise. There is an Olympic champion out there and we need this type of venue.

Eri from Hove says;

Fab idea! That wasteland is an eye sore and attracts travellers that litter the area. Putting an ice rink will make King Alfred complex and the whole area more popular. Go for it!!

Nikki from Hove says;

An Ice Rink nearer than Gillingham or Guildford would be fantastic for me, my family and my children's friends who love skating.

Lily from Hove says;

Please, please, please, please please can we have an ice rink!!!!!!

Poppy from Hove says;

I love ice skating!!!!

Martin from Hove says;

We desperately need some decent sporting facilities in Brighton & Hove and to give us back an ice rink would be fantastic. Just look how busy the pavilion ice rink at Christmas is.

Eva from Brighton says;

I love Ice Skating, I love going with my friends, I've gone with more than 20 at a time. Only problem is there isn't a close one by. I think this project is a great idea!

Tyler from Lancing says;

I think it would be great to have a PROPER ice rink back in Sussex. Good Luck

Damian from Hove says;

I think an ice rink in Brighton would be a fantastic idea as it has really been missing one all these years.

Daryl from Ashington says;

There was an ice rink at the King Alfred before it moved to Queens Square. I spent several hours a week there, training competing and having fun. We put on shows & competed for the county. There has always been a promise of a rink, but it never has occurred. How are we going to get champions of the future & the next generation of kids involved in skating when the nearest rink is Guildford? This has always been an ideal site.  I hope the promises of over thirty years ago can final be met and allow for a permanent ice rink.

Ted from Southwick says;

I think that any type of recreation project created would be an asset to not only bring financial rewards in the long term but they would also provide some new interest for the many visitors that hopefully would use it.

Tina from Lancing says;

Ever since the small Ice Rink in Brighton closed down it has been difficult to find a decent place to get to which doesn't involve too much travelling. When then the Bowling Alleys at the King Alfred closed, not only was I very sad as I spent most of my teenage years down there but I said this would be a perfect place for an Ice Rink and have been going on about this to my family for years now.

It's the most sensible place to put a decent sized rink and why shouldn't we have a fabulous sporting venue such as the King Alfred in Hove. I love skating as do my children but the nearest place to us is Guildford and it's quite expensive too. So if you can make this affordable my family and I will most certainly be regulars at the King Alfred Ice Rink. I am so pleased that this is now such a possibility and sincerely hope you get all the support you deserve and make this happen. Good luck!!!!

Elizabeth from Hove says;

The land would be better suited to a school or other useful building.

Andy from Hove says;

The whole site needs improving so this is a start.

Lynda from Worthing says;

Our son and family live in Brighton and the grandchildren love to go ice-skating. We would like to be able to take them to the King Alfred Ice Rink, and afterwards to lunch or tea. Ice Skating is good exercise for children and grandpa has promised to put on his ice skates as well!

Martin from Littlehampton says;

I think this would be an awesome investment not only in the Brighton area but for the whole of Sussex, currently I have to travel to Guildford or Gosport from my home town of Littlehampton in West Sussex to enjoy the skating facilities, if there were a facility in hove it would enable me to enjoy skating on a more regular basis.

Jax says;

Brighton desperately needs an ice-skating rink - please let\'s try this!

Nicole from Shoreham says;

I would use the ice rink as somewhere I could meet my old friends, catch up but also do some casual skating as I wouldn't want to get into anything serious.

Don from Hove says;

In my youth I used to skate at Wembley Empire Pool, we had great times and I believe it will give youngsters something to do with their time. We might even get a champion from this project.

Sam from Portslade says;

As a mother to children in the 9-11 age bracket and with many friends in the same position, there is not much for them to do. This would be a welcome and well-used addition to the locality. As a business owner I strongly believe that it would bring visitors from a wide radius to use the facility. I fully support the proposals.

William from Hove says;

I think having a rink at the King Alfred is a great idea, as a boy who is not interested football etc I find my home town sorely lacking in physical recreational activities.

Helmut Lusser, Chairman of Hove Civic Society says;

We would welcome this temporary use.

Sam from Hove says;

Sadly I think the King Alfred Centre is currently unfit for purpose. It has such potential to become a 5 star centre, serving people of all ages from the local community and beyond. IT SIMPLY NEEDS INVESTMENT!

Julia from Hove says;

In general I think it is a good idea. I would want you to promote the 'health & fitness ' angle, not just the fun side of skating. I would want to see certain daily session times devoted to the 'over 60s' and also children.

Gihna from Hove says;

I have attended the temporary ice rinks in Brighton  with my children and grandchildren, we all had a good time, and they were very well attended, we all enjoyed family time together so I think the demand is there, it's also good for the children to have another interest other than their computers with the added bonus of keeping fit.

Ben from Hove says;

Brighton desperately needs more leisure facilities and an ice rink would be a long overdue addition to the city, since all local ones shut down years ago.

Karena from Hove says;

B&H really do need to commit to a skating rink to compete with other cities in the south i.e. Guildford spectrum etc.  It was a sad day when the last rink closed.

Elise from Hove says;

Fabulous idea - good use of wasted space!

David from Hove says;

I live at Bath Court and this site needs very much revamping this idea is brilliant as I have not skated for years except when I get to Canada

Paul from Brighton says;

For a City of our size, our sporting facilities are disgracefully lacking. An Olympic size swimming pool and a permanent ice rink are the most needed.  As the Albion & the Amex has proved, the demand is there IF the facilities are right.  The days of the Brighton Tigers could return and we could see the end of travelling to London etc to simply ice skate.

Barbara from Hove says;

A great idea, my brother used to commentate at the Ice Rink in Brighton when the Brighton Tigers were playing.

John from Hove says;

I moved to Brighton in 1970 with a young family, and was very disappointed when the old ice rink closed, as I skated at Purley and Streatham ice rinks when I was a child in Croydon.

Tony from Hove says;

I was employed by Mecca Ltd as General Manager of Ice Rinks many years ago in London, Bradford, Birmingham and Bournemouth and I have seen what a boon an Ice Rink can be both to the local community and the Town as a whole.

Matthew from Hove says;

I have been waiting for this since I moved here in 1997. Thank you so much for trying to get the city a facility for hockey. Is this facility going to be suitable for full games? From the pictures it doesn’t look like you’ve got penalty boxes or team benches. Would love to know because I would be seriously interesting in playing hockey here?

KA Ice Quest says;

Yes Matthew, this will be suitable for ice hockey, as an ice rink size comparison, Gosport ice rink is 22m x 44m and the KA ice rink will be 24m x 48m. The team bench would be the first row of rink side box seating and we could place a penalty box in one of the south corners.

Andrew from Hove says;

I think this is a really good idea.

Sarah from Hove,

I think this is a great idea...and only down the road from me.  I don't skate well, but when I do I love it.  Please could you have ice skating tag sessions (for grown-ups only) as I love going fast.  Good luck,

KA Ice Quest says;

Yes Sarah, us adults want to have fun too.

Mrs O from Hove says;

We desperately need activities like this for our teenage residents. Especially in winter when the weather makes it hard for them to burn off their 'energy' by healthy physical activities.

Gilly from Southwick says;

If this went ahead there would have to be more places to lock bikes up to as well.

Simon from Hove says;

My 2 children really look forward to the Pavilion ice rink being available during the wintertime – But they would benefit more from a more accessible, affordable and less oversubscribed venue where they could hopefully attend lessons and enjoy ice skating as a year round sport.

Fiona from Hove says;

About time!  I've been waiting for a replacement ice rink since the tiny one in Brighton closed, and it's very frustrating only having the temporary ones at Christmas - in Brighton.  There would still be a place for these for the Christmas period (especially for people wanting to do Christmas shopping) but I'd love to take up skating again as a means to keep fit - and I'm in my 50s!  Bring it on!

Julie from Telscombe Cliffs says;

I think this is a brilliant idea. Currently we travel for two hours to get to the nearest ice rink and therefore only go about 4 times a year. It is hard for either my daughter or me to make progress with such infrequent practice. I only hope that the proposed ice rink keep the costs to a realistic level. I am a single parent, with one income and not entitled to any benefits or support and I pay the same bills as a couple would. I wish you well with this venture.

Patricia from Brighton says;

I was born in Brighton and remember the old rink in West Street, the rink where the Odeon Cinema is now, and the one at Queen's Square.  It was a sad day when the latter finally closed as, despite its inadequacy, it was well loved.  The nearest rink is now some distance away and I think a new rink is very overdue.  Ice skating is a fun healthy activity suitable for all ages and I sincerely hope this project is successful.

John from Brighton says;

It’s been many years since I regularly ice skated in Brighton, it is a superb way to exercise and relax. For many years the council have promised an Ice Rink, and have yet to fulfill our dreams and their promises, I do hope that once and for all it’s built and it’s not just another pipedream.

Karl from Brighton says;

I’ve been skating for over 10 years and from starting at the now closed ice rink that was near the clock tower I now have to travel all the way to Guildford to skate and I think it would be a great thing to have a rink in Hove. But I really believe we need a full time rink in Brighton or Hove.

Ruth from Hove says;

This is an absolute necessity, long overdue...The Olympics are supposed to inspire a generation, (this is Brighton & Hove) to do something about it and not pretend they want to do something.  As long as bus services are improved and parking is improved at a reasonable price or even free.   The whole sports complex should be improved, more sports facilities is an eyesore at the moment...Make us proud Green party and do something to inspire a generation, you haven't done anything as yet....This is without question the best idea yet...please don't let it go to waste.

Jane from Hove says;

I am delighted that the Ice Rink will probably encourage wider use of the King Alfred and thus greatly to the good of young people of all ages.

Leigh from Hove says;

It excites me and my kids the thought of ice skating each week.

Richard from Portslade says;

Due to my age and physical condition I think it highly unlikely that I would make use of this facility. Nevertheless I think it is a very imaginative and attractive proposal that would receive considerable support. The design is, in my view, modern, in keeping with such a proposal. I am delighted to support the idea, and trust it comes to fruition.

Rob from Hove says;

Brighton & Hove really needs an ice skating rink, and the King Alfred is a great location for it.

Antony from Hove says;

The waste ground next to the King Alfred is an absolute waste of real estate, public money, and potential as it stands today. I think the local council should be ashamed of themselves for letting such a prime location go to waste for so long. Brighton and Hove is home to thousands of children and teenagers (the city's future) who would love this additional sports opportunity so let's cut out the years of council wrangling these things take and get it done.  I'm 100% behind any positive move like this from the council and local business community.

Patricia from Hove says;

I am happy with having an ice rink at the King Alfred. I am not happy with the image proposed for the facia on the advert received.

 Rob from Hove says;

Parking charges should end at 6pm like they used to, NOT 8pm as is now the case.

Martin from Ditchling says;

I can't believe that there isn't already a rink given the huge amount of interest and the benefit to the local community and businesses.  A rink would guarantee additional visitors to the City.

David from Hove says;

Great idea. Skating is fun, good for fitness and incompatible with alcohol. This will make is good use of the space. There are many enthusiastic skaters in the city and surrounding area who would make regular use of a facility like this.

Jackie from Portslade says;

Fortunately or un-fortunately due to my age however you look at it, I spent half my week as a child down at the Kingswest when the rink was there, it was fantastic and kept me off the streets. I was bought up in Whitehawk with nothing apart from a Boys Club to keep us occupied, this would be terrific especially if they take an Ice Hockey team on board, and I would pay to see that. Hire out for Kids Parties it could make its money back in no time.

Tracy from Hove says;

I think the town and whole area would benefit from an ice rink.

James from Patcham says;

Great job boost for the town etc (ice skating is great for the whole family long overdue) for the future Brighton, a winter sports centre ie (ice rink / real snow areas / possible extreme sports area) This would save long car trips to find the above around the uk.

Kris from Burgess Hill says;

As long as the rink is bigger than the temporary ones in Brighton that would be good.

Michele from Peacehaven says;

We use the ice rink at the Royal Pavilion once or twice a week when it is there and use it as a social event for example xmas eve 25 of us went skating as a lead up to xmas. It was great fun and when the rink was removed we missed it.

Kirstie from Shoreham says;
I am a skater who lives in Shoreham but travels all the way to Guildford twice a week to do figure skating. If there was a temporary ice rink, it would give me more time to practice.

Nadja from Hove says;

I would love to have an ice skating rink in Hove, it is something I have always wished for.  It could not be soon enough as I am getting on, but my daughter and granddaughter often come to visit and would most certainly use it.  Good luck!

Lisette from Lancing says;

I feel we have needed an ice rink in the Sussex area for a long time, I've seen how successful the Guildford ice rink is and have had to travel up there every time we've wanted to go ice skating which is quite a long way from where I live. I think we would all benefit from an ice rink as it is fun and a good way to get children motivated into doing exercise.

Dylan from Brighton says;


Diana from Hove Says;

My children would love an ice ring in Sussex - it is a long way to travel up to Guildford and they enjoy using the Brighton Centre rink when operational.  Would attract more people to the area.

Karl from Worthing says;

I think is a great concept and very important to the local community and public. It is fundamental to have sports based recreational activities the young people of Sussex.

Ruth from Hove says;

I believe the addition of an ice rink would be of great benefit to the centre, and it’s a good way of keeping fit and getting kids into sport.

Zoe from Brighton says;

I really feel that opening an ice rink in Brighton will really help the community come together. Also good for younger people as there are not many places where they can go with friends and the King Alfred ice rink will be another great tourist attraction.

Patricia from Hove says;

A permanent full size ice rink for Brighton and Hove is very long overdue (I loved going ice skating after school when the ice rink in West Street was still open).  To have the King Alfred Ice Rink in Brighton and Hove (albeit temporary and not full size) after all these years without an ice rink would be fantastic!  I love the designs and hope that, at long last, this project will come to fruition and we will have an ice rink!

Paul from Hove says;

My main interest with the KA project is how it will not just exist within the community but actively include all of the aspects that build community. For example (with regard to the inclusion of local small business) within the built in refreshment facility, it may be the case that 'pop up' kitchens could appear from time to time or as a part of a specific event. Perhaps authorised local venders could apply to provide a menu reflecting and promoting healthy eating rather the type of fast food we often see in leisure centers.
While it looks like we have an exciting opportunity before us, it is also hugely important that it has built in mechanisms for it to adequately reflect the area and what it has to offer. If the rink is successful it is the perfect opportunity to show people what is available locally and I see no reason why that shouldn’t be built in from the very beginning. 

Mary a regular visitor to Brighton from London says;

It is a great location and would be a boost to the area. Currently there is an hour and 15 minute car ride to Guildford. This means that a lot of Sussex children are missing out on ice skating completely. It is a wonderfully exciting sport both figure skating and ice hockey. May this rink open up soon, it is long awaited.

Hannah from Hove says;

I feel an ice rink would be a great boost for hove economy and since we lost the rink in Brighton there have been no stable fun activities for youngsters to do. Having to wait for the temporary winter rinks or travel to Guildford is a hassle. I would be all for a rink in Hove.

Kay from Henfield says;

The nearest ice Rink is Guildford Spectrum. I think many people, skaters and those new to the sport would welcome this project. This part of the south coast really does need an ice Rink. I am sure it would be well used. Fingers crossed.

Janet from Worthing says;

An ice rink in this area would create a wonderful opportunity for youngsters to try something new and build confidence in themselves. It would also be nice for groups of all ages to re-kindle the skills of ice skating, I'm all for it.

Natalie from Brighton says;

I really enjoy skating and I would love it if I had a place to skate weekly.

Patricia from Brighton says;

The fine Heritage of Ice Skating & Ice Sports should be re-instated to become a positive asset towards a vital sports profile and a new revenue and jobs facet towards the City's future economy. We need to bring back the Brighton Tigers Ice Hockey Team and the Glittering Ice Shows of past generations the enjoyment of daily public ice skating. The City Council should get its skates on! 

Mark from Hove says;

Brighton needs an ice rink. It has everything else so this would definitely be an asset to the city.

Ray from Brighton says;

I hope that the sessions and entry costs are more in line with the Gosport Arena, Planet Ice than the pop up rinks at Brighton Pavilion and The Brighton Centre.

Debrah from Brighton says;

For many years I have been writing to the local paper regarding lack of sports facilities and ice rink in this area.  I remember that when the SS Brighton was demolished the council promised to replace it - over 40 years and we are still waiting.  The temporary ice rink at the Pavilion is always busy therefore proves we need this facility in this area, the nearest rink being in Guildford and this sports venue is fantastic (with free parking I might add).  It must be affordable otherwise people will not use it as often as needed to make it pay.  We must promote better sports facilities in this town as what we have now is very poor, therefore it can only be a good thing to give the residents an extra facility.  Sport is very important to the well being of people, especially children, and ice skating is a fun and social way of spending time as a family and with friends.  Recently I had to visit Sheffield where there is a fantastic rink and the queue was so long it took nearly and hour to admit everyone, so proves that it is a popular sport.  Also we could bring back our ice hockey team - The Brighton Tigers - that would be fantastic.  I wish all concerned well and hope that you get the backing you need for this project’

Cliff from Brighton says;

I think using the waste ground area adjacent to the KA is a great idea. Brighton & Hove needs an ice rink and this is a good way of demonstrating the need. I am club secretary at Brighton Stormers inline hockey club; I look forward to our city once again having its own ice hockey team.

Jeremy from Hove says;

Fantastic I live opposite and think this is a great plan. At the moment my children and I travel to Guildford twice a month just to ice skate.

James from Brighton says;

Having played ice hockey for many years whilst growing up, I can vouch for its positive contribution to my health, work ethic and its team building benefits. I believe that the introduction of an ice rink in Brighton would prove popular with locals and visitors alike. Whilst also offering opportunity for Brighton to present a hockey and figure skating to the country's various competitions leagues.

David from Hove says;

Ice skating is a fun way to keep fit and such a facility can only be a bonus to the area.

Sonny from Brighton says;

I love ice skating but I have to go all the way up to Guilford

Adrian from Burgess Hill says;

An Ice Rink in the city is long overdue. Apart from at Xmas, when the temporary rinks are often overcrowded, the nearest rink is in Guildford which is too far to travel on a regular basis. My teenage son in particular loves to skate, but only goes occasionally due to the distance. He would be a regular user of any ice rink based in or around Brighton.

Sue from Brighton says;

I had to travel to Gosport in order to have lessons every week. It would be great to be able to take my granddaughter locally.

Mel from Hove says;

Will be great to have an ice skating rink in Hove.

Pauline from Brighton says;

This is a much wanted and much needed facility, in a fabulous location, that will be popular all year with residents and tourists, novice, advanced and hockey skaters alike.

Daniel from Brighton says;

This needs to happen! Every temporary ice rink in Brighton gets busy! It’s also a good idea to get people into ice hockey. I am in to it and find it terrible that there is nowhere to play it!

Yazmin from Brighton says;

I think that Brighton and Hove, as well as the surrounding areas, need an ice rink! We've got plenty of people to use it (figure skaters and our ice hockey team who have been abandoned after being promised an ice rink after the first closed down) and it will also help England's obesity problem as ice skating is a fun way to keep fit!

Karen from Ashington says;

Just moved to the area from London and dismayed to find no local rink

Caroline from Brighton says;

This city NEEDS an ice rink!!

Susan from Burgess Hill says;

It is a very long time since Brighton has had a proper ice rink, which has been greatly missed. A City such as Brighton should have one, so as to encourage tourists and to encourage younger people into this sport in all its guises.

Emma from Peacehaven says;

An attractive and essential new recreation facility offering the local community a new fitness facility whilst attracting more essential trade for our community. 

Kat from Hove says;

I fully support the development of an ice rink for Brighton & Hove; this city has been far too long without proper ice skating facilities since the popular West Street rink closed many years ago. 
This proposal is far preferable to an arts centre or a faith school, neither of which seem to be actually needed.  I know for a fact that day trips organized for groups of young people from Hove to ice rinks in other towns (and there is no ice rink in easy travelling distance from Hove) are extremely popular, not least because the young people of today (and most of their parents) have never known an ice rink in Brighton & Hove other than the temporary seasonal ones or the tiny rink that used to be in Queens Square.
Good luck with this; it's certainly the best suggestion for the site.

Susan from Brighton says;

As it stands at the moment, our nearest rink is Guilford and the fares involved plus the time to travel to any clubs just make it no option at all for children living in Brighton.  My 13 year old daughter has wanted desperately to do ice skating for years.  For a city this size we should have all sporting options available.  I can't understand why the council has allowed such an oversight.  It is frustrating, disappointing and prevents children pursuing a dream.  This campaign led by a resident, Simon James is so gratefully received and supported.

Nat from Crawley says;

Brighton needs a good ice rink.  If anyone would like to take up ice skating, who lives in Sussex, they have to travel at least 40 minutes to find a rink. My nearest one is Guildford and as such I have not been able to fulfill my dreams of ice-skating lessons as it is just too far. Where my parents live in Hertfordshire they have 2 rinks within 20 minutes of them!!!

Joy, a regular visitor to Brighton from Wolverhampton says;

I think this is a great idea I took my niece, who lives near Brighton, Ice skating and she loved it. I was disappointed when I found out the nearest one to her was over one hour away when I came to visit her. Ice skating is so popular and I love it, I hope this becomes permanent for Brighton.

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