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Latest News
; Julia Chanteray, The Joy of Business, & President of the Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce has completed a Viability Study & Sensitivity Analysis for the King Alfred ice rink project, and the figures have proven to be very positive for the scheme.

We firmly believe that this project is achievable and is a serious proposition.

Please follow this link to complete the King Alfred ice rink online public survey / questionnaire.

Almost 700 public surveys completed so far, make your voice count.

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Meet the competition winners of our 20 pairs of ice skate prizes here

We are calling on the local community to participate with their independent views and opinions on the future of the King Alfred as well as being involved in the process of investigating the demand for an ice rink facility in the city of Brighton & Hove.

King Alfred Ice Rink public presentation video


The wasteland immediately west of the King Alfred Leisure Centre has been identified as the only location currently available in the city where a serious ice skating sports industry could be instigated immediately on a temporary / short term basis. Google map


The King Alfred site is not going to be redeveloped or even decided upon for at least 4 years, however the temporary ice rink would either prove its worth, or not during this time, and may determine it viable for a state of the art ice rink, pools and leisure facilities to be built on the site as a priority.

This temporary facility is about immediate action, utilising the abandoned brown field site, generating a new revenue stream, adding a new dimension and enhancement to the KA, and making it fashionable and popular once more.

In providing an ice skating facility, which has been long overdue in our city, it will be an attraction for our local community and beyond with visitors to our city resort. The benefits would reach far outside of its physical domain and would certainly have a positive impact on the local economy.

Is this area suitable for an ice rink?

The King Alfred currently attracts 300,000 visits to the centre annually, so it already has the proven track record of being a good location for community sport & leisure facilities. There is a high profile transport infrastructure already in place with regular bus services & it also has the luxury of Hove Station only being 10 walk minutes away. The seafront cycle lane runs through the site & it is accessible on foot to a large section of the city. 

The King Alfred SPG and Local Plan Sports & Recreation generally explains that the KA site should have a sport & leisure development for the reasons of its good location.

The Pre Application Planning Advice states that the demands & constraints of the site are compatible with this project & providing the works remain temporary there would be no demonstrable conflict with the planning brief.

With the Government Localism Policy, the project is current, forward thinking & good for the community.

Immediate objective

Instigate a public debate to ensure that there is full community and user group involvement and consultation in the development of future KA proposals via the means of an online public survey / questionnaire.

Investigate all avenues and opinions across the board to determine the demand for an ice rink facility in the city.

Raise the profile of the KA and assist in developing a vision for local government & community policy of the site, short and long term.

Short term objective

Reinventing the King Alfred as the heartbeat of sporty Hove where the seafront is already specifically geared towards sport and leisure.

Generate a new revenue stream by utilising the waste land which currently has zero income at the King Alfred.

Initiate a new ice skating industry and establish the fact that a permanent ice rink is financially viable for the city.

Long term objective

Reinvest its profits into the future long term redevelopment of a state of the art sports complex at the site.

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